EXHIBITION: Etel Adnan et les Modernes at MUDAM Luxembourg – through Sep 08, 2019

Since the 1960s, the poet, writer and painter Etel Adnan (b. 1925, Beirut) has built up a body of work that makes significant links between the image and text; Eastern and Western cultures; Modernism and contemporary art. Her work reflects a sensitive, dynamic relationship with the world, exploring questions of landscape, abstraction, colour, writing, memory and history. Her exhibition at Mudam, which is hosted across two galleries on the upper floor of the museum, assembles a broad spectrum of her work, including paintings, works on paper and tapestries. These are shown together in dialogue with works by Modernists and contemporary artists, shedding fresh light on her multifaceted oeuvre.

Among the works on show, there is a group of recent, abstract works by Adnan. The artist describes these paintings as ‘inner landscapes’, drawing on her recollections of places she has visited.  These works are placed in dialogue with others by the painter and poet Eugénie Paultre (b. 1979, Paris) and sculptor Simone Fattal (b. 1942, Damascus) with whom she maintains a close connection.

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